1. Money isn’t your business. A respectful way to accomplish this goal is through the use of a honeymoon registry that allows you to spend your gift money on your honeymoon. With a honeymoon registry, your guests are essentially giving you money, but each guest will know exactly what that money is intended for, so they can feel good about giving you a special honeymoon gift.

2. Get what you want. Wedding registry at a department store salespeople can leave you feeling guilty of not registering enough. They say that you need hundreds of gifts to your registry to give guests plenty of choice and you have to accommodate a variety of price points. The problem is that you end up registering for things that do not really want or need, just take them back or stuck figuring out what to do with them after the wedding. With a honeymoon registry, you can get what you really want – the experience truly memorable honeymoon.

3. Online track your registry to plan for your honeymoon. It’s a good idea to register early for your honeymoon registry to provide guests the opportunity to purchase their gift for you well before your wedding. This will help with your budgeting, as you can then monitor the gift funds received and how much money you’ve got coming in at any given point. Registry gift funds can be redeemed weeks before your wedding to help pre-pay for your lodging and airfare, easing budget concerns. Overall, many couples are pleasantly surprised at the level of gift giving and find that they can splurge a little more on their honeymoon.

4. You can combine it with a traditional wedding registry. No one said you can’t have it both ways! Most couples these days have wedding registries set up at more than one store so they have a variety of items to choose from. If you need a few practical essentials for your home but also want a great honeymoon, there’s no unspoken rule saying you can’t register at Target or Crate and Barrel and Honeymoon Pixie! You can get the best of both worlds this way!

5. Guests get to do it all online. They may want to buy you a gift but would have to ship it to you, which takes time and can be expensive. Plus they may have to pay tax and have the gift wrapped. With a honeymoon registry, they can do all their gift-giving online, avoid the various fees, and not have to guess what you really want for a gift. And you’ll have a detailed ‘thank you’ list from your registry, so you’ll know what to thank each gift giver for!

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