Keep Shoe Comfort and Beauty Balance

Keep Shoe Comfort and Beauty Balance
Beauty hurts, they always say, especially on your prom night, it’s important to last throughout the evening without any blood or painful blisters on your feet. It’s also equally important to have a great looking pair of shoes to highlight your beautiful dress. You should know some tips about how keep shoe comfort and beauty balance

When you are wearing:

A high-heeled shoe, be sure the shoe comes with ankle straps. The ankle straps will keep you secure and prevent any lost-shoe mishaps on the dance floor. To wow your date and friends with your put-together style, look for a pair of shoes that are exactly the same color as your dress. If you cannot find the exact same color, you can usually dye or spray-paint a pair of white shoes.

Open-toed sandals. If you want your feet to add to your overall beautiful image, get a pedicure before the big day.

A simple gown without too much pizzazz, add some glamour to your ensemble with your shoes. Try wearing a shoe with heel-to-toe beading, sequins, or shimmer. For glamorous style in a shiny dress, look for a shoe in a colored metallic to match your dress instead of a shoe in plain gold or silver.

A very sparkly gown, you need choose a sparkly shoes to accompany it. They will match your dress perfectly and may even get some well-earned attention.

A rhinestone-studded gown, you need a shoes with rhinestones in matching color, shape, and style.

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