How to Write a Wedding Invitation

Writing invitations to your wedding is one of the most important part of your wedding planning. Wedding rules can vary from generation to generation, but some wedding rules for wedding invitation etiquette and bridal shower invitation etiquette never actually change.

Filling in the blanks on any store-bought invitation will satisfy the need. Invitations, That’s the easy part. however, should also be memorable, distinctive and reflect your personality, and hopefully introduce to the wedding colours and theme. Designing your own invitations isn’t difficult—and it’s easily worth the effort. Here are some tips for how to make your own unique wedding invitations.

a Wedding Invitation

1. Simple. Invitations should be clear and easy to read. Complicated typographic layouts will almost always detract from the message.

2. Center at will. Centering lines of copy is rarely a good idea in any medium—except in invitations. Because the eye naturally returns to the left edge of copy to begin the next line, readers generally prefer left-edge alignment. Invitations, however, are read slowly and on a line-by-line basis. There are also few words per line in invitations; this allows the reader to take in the whole line in one glance, then drop to the next.

3. Complement proportions. Consider complementing the proportions of the invitation with typeface choice. If the invitation is tall, or in vertical/portrait mode, consider using somewhat more condensed typeface designs or scripts with long ascenders and descenders. If it is square or horizontal/landscape mode, try a slightly expanded typeface design or one with a large lowercase x-height.

4. Create hierarchy with spacing. Use white space to signal the relationship between parts of an invitation. In general, there should be less space between two supportive pieces of information than between two that are disparate. Set the important copy large and supportive text at a smaller size. Size and spacing differences should always be obvious.

Do NOT include information about gifts, your registry, or cash in lieu of gifts. This is an invitation, not a request for presents. If you still want to give information about the gift list, you can put it on a separate list with useful information for your wedding, like little maps to your wedding venue.

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