Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Dress

Choosing your wedding dress must be one of the biggest decisions you will make, apart from deciding to get married of course! This decision definitely cannot be taken lightly and does need quite a lot of thought. Here are a few tips on choosing your wedding dress:

It can be easy to promise yourself that you will get to that ‘wedding weight’ before your big day. Just make sure that you have a plan and stick to it! There is no reason to make yourself miserable with a diet for the sake of a dress. As well as this, dresses are often made with alterations in mind, so one dress size up or down can be accounted for.


Everyone has a story like this. You invited some people to go dress shopping with you and they have convinced you to go for a cut that isn’t quite you. Whether the person is a sales assistant, your mother or a friend who thinks you look ‘lovely’ in strapless, if it doesn’t make you feel like a movie star on the red carpet Oscar day, it’s not for you!

Some brides are making a different budget wedding decision. They are choosing to rent anything from a budget wedding dress to a designer wedding dress, rather than try to buy or make one. If you are interested in an expensive designer look, this can be an excellent way to pull it off on a budget, while keeping the memories and the photos long after you return the dress. And your guests never have to know that you didn’t purchase the gown!


A well-fitted tailored suit can be stylishly androgynous; but don’t forget to coordinate it with your partner’s outfit! A suit will give you a clear cut silhouette making you look cool and allowing you to move comfortably.

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