How to choose your plus size wedding dress

It’s always challenging for any bride to choose the right wedding dress and even harder for brides who fall into a plus-size. So today we decided to change all of that and explain how un-important size really is and how brides should turn their attention and focus on body shapes and how to dress them. With the right shape wedding dress any bride, whatever size, shape, age they may be will look amazing.

The most important thing that the bride can do is to be honest about her size or shape. Being a plus size doesn’t make a woman unattractive, but a poorly fitting dress well. Therefore, it is vital to get a dress that can handle your curves. Brides with big chests, for example, might want to avoid dresses with large skirts, as these can make you look heavier than you really are. On the other hand, the pear-shaped bride might want a tight upper body, with a large, flowing skirt.


It is important to keep the dress plain. Large, bulky materials, along with frills, lace and split-skirts can make a plus-sized bride look bulky. Wedding dresses in large sizes need to have limited ruffles, frills and lace. This doesn’t mean that the bride has to choose a plain white dress. Instead, select an attractive cut which flatters the body shape, and focuses on the parts that you want to emphasise, and reduces the bits you want to hide.


There are starting to be a few salons specializing in the plus-sized bride. If you don’t have one of those near you, start out at one of the larger retail chains like David’s Bridal. They are more likely to have dresses you can try on, rather than trying to imagine how the size eight sample will look on your body. You can also look at department stores, and at designers who specialize in plus-size wedding dresses. Look at websites such as for more ideas.

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